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Node first browser development

Recently, I released an open source library recently. After building it, I realized I approached it in a way that yields better browser based Javascript tools. I built it using the Kent C. Dodds’ approach to writing open source Javascript libraries, and what I found was that it was much quicker to develop in node than in a browser especially whe... Read more

Getting started with open source

It wasn’t until two years into my career that I made my first open source contribution. I, and if you’re reading this you probably feel the same, wasn’t entirely sure how to go about pushing code to a project. After all, most projects don’t include information about contributing. It can be tribal knowledge. Tribal knowledge that I wish to share ... Read more

Decoupling application logic from your framework

Article originally posted in the Orlando Developer blog. In recent years, JavaScript has evolved at a rapid pace. So rapid that any application you’re working on as you read this will be nearly deprecated by the time you launch it. Okay, that might be a bit hyperbolic but at the very least something newer and better will be available. This spee... Read more