David C. Brown Full Stack Software Engineer Consultant.

The Great Debate: 1099 vs W-2 Rates

Sites such as HelloBonsai have statistics on freelance pay because, after all, they handle freelance invoicing so their data is real. At first glance it seems like contractors make a considerable amount more, but in reality, after all the overhead, it’s not as much as first glance. Here’s how to get a more realistic idea of your actual income as... Read more

A Case Against Javascript's Arrow Function

It’s not uncommon by any means to have a reference to this.somefunction() within the body of an arrow callback. For example, in your success function on an promise, you may call an onSuccess function that handles the logic after the call. It can be problematic to use an arrow function as the callback function for success because it “loses” the r... Read more

Keeping Your Software On Track

I have worked on many projects across many teams. The following rules I found to be the most effective way to keep your software on track. If you have any rules you’d like to add, let me know! Rule #1: Have a ticketing system and never stray Adopt the mantra “no ticket, no work.” Every time a task is verbally assigned, it is untrackable, and le... Read more

Node first browser development

Recently, I released an open source library recently. After building it, I realized I approached it in a way that yields better browser based Javascript tools. I built it using the Kent C. Dodds’ approach to writing open source Javascript libraries, and what I found was that it was much quicker to develop in node than in a browser especially whe... Read more

Getting started with open source

It wasn’t until two years into my career that I made my first open source contribution. I, and if you’re reading this you probably feel the same, wasn’t entirely sure how to go about pushing code to a project. After all, most projects don’t include information about contributing. It can be tribal knowledge. Tribal knowledge that I wish to share ... Read more

Decoupling application logic from your framework

Article originally posted in the Orlando Developer blog. In recent years, JavaScript has evolved at a rapid pace. So rapid that any application you’re working on as you read this will be nearly deprecated by the time you launch it. Okay, that might be a bit hyperbolic but at the very least something newer and better will be available. This spee... Read more